Who We Are

Ruach is a social enterprise company whose mission is to explore creative ways of raising funds for non-profit organizations and raising awareness for their social causes.

We leverage a three-way partnership between non-profit, for-profit and social enterprise companies to generate income for non-profit organizations who are directly engaged in social impact applications.

We believe that business conducted in the free market can participate in social change. Non-profit organizations can deploy income-earning strategies for their sustainability and social impact.

What is Social Enterprise?

Social enterprise companies are setup to address social issues for a positive social impact. The objective of social enterprise companies is to serve society instead of profit-making.

Social enterprise is about “doing charity by doing trade” instead of “doing charity while doing trade” like some for-profit companies with a social contribution.


Joining Hands

Education and entertainment can be combined to increase the outreach and delivery of your non-profit's social cause.

Monthly Edutainment

Participate in an evening of edutainment and empowerment.

6767 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, CA

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